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Monday, December 4, 2000

Updated Errata Lists, etc.

Three Topics this time:
- I've updated my publications' errata lists
- Template Workshop Status Report
- Reminder about my January STL Seminar

I just added the most recent batch of bug reports for EC++, MEC++, and the
EC++CD to their respective errata pages:
EC++ http://www.aristeia.com/BookErrata/ec++2e-errata_frames.html
MEC++ http://www.aristeia.com/BookErrata/mec++-errata_frames.html
EC++CD http://www.aristeia.com/BookErrata/cd1e-errata_frames.html

By all reports, the C++ template programming workshop in Erfurt, Germany in
October was a great success. All the papers that were presented there are
now available at http://www.oonumerics.org/tmpw00/, and I encourage you to
look them over. It looks like there will be a follow-up workshop next year
(possibly in conjunction with OOPSLA, but that's not yet decided), so start
thinking about whether you'd like to make submission for next year's
workshop. When details on next year's workshop are available, I'll include
them in a mailing to this list.

My next STL seminar will take place January 22-25 near Portland, Oregon.
Based on my experience with the last public seminar as well as with some
on-site presentations, I've expanded the length of the course from three to
four days. You'll find all the details at
http://www.aristeia.com/seminars/eistl/index_frames.html. I hope to see
you there!