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Thursday, August 3, 2006

Upcoming Talks Through Year-End

I've scheduled a number of talks on a variety of topics this fall near Portland,
Oregon and in Germany. The details are available at my Upcoming Talks Page
(http://www.aristeia.com/seminars_frames.html), but the overall summary is shown

20 Sep Dresden, Germany Better Software -- No Matter What
21 Sep Dresden, Germany Designing & Implementing Effective C++ Classes
22 Sep Dresden, Germany High-Performance C++ Programming
25 Sep Stuttgart, Germany What's New in Effective C++?
26 Sep Stuttgart, Germany Effective C++ in an Embedded Environment
27 Sep Stuttgart, Germany Design Patterns, Templates, and Policy-Based
11 Oct Portland, Oregon The Keyhole Problem
26 Oct Portland, Oregon An Introduction to C++ Library Functionality
in TR1 and Boost
9 Nov Beaverton, Oregon Effective C++ in an Embedded Environment
27 Nov Frankfurt/Main, Germany Concepts and Architecture of the STL
28 Nov Frankfurt/Main, Germany Programmer Discretion and Software Quality

Also, I have a five-part C++-related article that will start appearing soon (I'd
hoped it would have started appearing by now). I'll post details to this
mailing list when they are available, but I thought you might be interested to
know that I still do a little writing from time to time :-)


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