Thursday, June 14, 2012

35% Discount Code for my Digital Book Bundle

Today I got email from my publisher regarding the bundled electronic versions of my books:
Only offers this collection in both PDF and ePub formats, together for one price. PRE-ORDER TODAY and SAVE 35% off the list price.
Enter the coupon code MEYERS8627 during checkout to receive your discount. Offer expires June 21, 2012.
The list price of the bundle is $95.99, but, from what I can tell, the "normal" pre-order price is $76.79.  The email says that with the code, the price drops to $62.40.

I don't know if I'm supposed to share this coupon code with you, but the email didn't say I shouldn't, so here you go :-)

In my original post about this digital book bundle, I noted that I had not had a chance to review the product, and that's still the case.  (They tell me I'll get a copy once they're sure it's ready to ship, which I think is quite reasonable.)  I've also not tested the discount code mentioned above.  But I have no reason to think that the bundle is anything less than it's advertised to be, nor do I have a reason to doubt the authenticity of the coupon code. 

If you're interested in having electronic copies of my books for only about $20 each, this looks like a good way to get them.


PS - My wife suggests you buy as many copies as you can afford.  My editor wonders whether it'd really be such a hardship if you were to buy a few more than you can afford :-)


Darren Carman said...

I got it cheaper. I also got a 5% discount before I added the code. Happy days. Now I just need to decide what format to download :S

Tom said...

Thanks for the code Scott, pre-ordered a copy! Our of interest, and I'm sure you get this a lot but I'll add my voice to the chorus… when do you think your first C++ 11 tome will be out? :-)

Scott Meyers said...
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Scott Meyers said...

@Tom: It depends on how you define tome, I suppose. My training materials on C++11 have been out for a couple of years. They're not a book, although, from my perspective, they're about as much work :-)

In the book realm, I'm seriously thinking about writing Effective C++11 next year (assuming my C&B talk on this topic doesn't flop in August). Such a book, if it comes to exist, would not be a new edition of Effective C++, but would instead be a standalone set of guidelines for using the language and library features new to C++11.

Note, by the way, that I said I'm thinking about writing such a book. I'm not making any promises :-)


GregM said...

"assuming my C&B talk on this topic doesn't flop in August"

Whoo hoo, I can't wait! 7 weeks to go!

Scott Meyers said...

@GregM: Apparently I can wait, because I haven't written that talk yet :-| I have finished the one on universal references, though, and I think it's looking pretty good. We'll see if I feel the same way after I've given it :-)


Anonymous said...

Scott, do you know what is happening with this? It was supposed to go out yesterday, but InformIT website still says pre-order...

Anonymous said...

As last anonymous users, I was eagerly awaiting this delivery which apparently has now twice (july 7 then 11) blown right through the delivery date to still be in "pre-order" mode. I am tempted to cancel and just buy one of the book directly from amazon.

Scott Meyers said...

Sorry for the delayed reply, I've been traveling with very restricted net access. Yesterday I got this email from Addison-Wesley:

Good news: The eBook collection will go “live” at InformIT and our resellers over the next couple days.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. It showed up today for me.