Friday, January 30, 2015

EMC++ Sample Content

O'Reilly has decided it's time to turn up the heat on the grand Effective Modern C++ marketing campaign. A key component of that campaign is giving away excerpts of the book, the idea being that if you like the stuff we give away, you're more likely to plunk down some cash for the rest of the book.

We're starting with Chapter 1 ("Deducing Types"), which consists of these Items:
Item 1: Understand template type deduction.
Item 2: Understand auto type deduction.
Item 3: Understand decltype.
Item 4: Know how to view deduced types.
To download this free sample, visit the freshly-minted landing page that O'Reilly has set up for it.

This material has actually been available at the book's web site for some time, but there, it's available only as PDF. Now we're making it available in all the digital formats in which the book is published: PDF, ePub, and Mobi. This means you can see how the book will look on your digital device of choice. On some devices, there are some display issues (dutifully chronicled as part of the book's errata list), but we're working on those, and we remain committed to producing a book that looks as good as possible on all platforms we support. As we resolve problems, we update the digital files and make them available to everybody who has purchased them.

We plan to release additional book excerpts according to the following schedule:
  • Week of February 9: Item 7: Distinguish between () and {} when creating objects.
  • Week of February 23: Item 14: Declare functions noexcept if they won’t emit exceptions.
  • Week of March 9: Item 42: Consider emplacement instead of insertion.
Sometime in March, we're also planning to have me do a live webcast covering some of the material in the book. The date and the material are yet undecided. If you'd like to participate in the decision process, feel free to let me know what Item(s) you'd like to hear me walk you through during the webcast. I will consider your suggestions carefully before doing whatever I want :-)

Enjoy the sample material from Effective Modern C++!


PS - Currently, the O'Reilly web site lists the print version of EMC++ as out of stock and due to be available in 2025. I'm guessing--hoping!--that the due date is a typo, but the book is in stock and available for your immediate purchase at Amazon and elsewhere.


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