Friday, April 3, 2015

Materials Update for my C++11/14 and my C++-in-Embedded Training Courses

Artima just pushed out the latest updates to my annotated training materials on C++11/14 and on making effective use of C++ in an embedded environment. These materials were originally published in 2010, and in the ensuing five years, I've updated the C++11/14 materials nine times and the C++-in-embedded materials twice--a total of ten and three releases, respectively.

From the beginning, the rule has been that buyers are entitled to free updates to the materials as long as I produce them, so if you own a copy of either (or both) set/sets of materials, you should have received email notification from Artima that shiny, new PDF is waiting for you in your Artima account.

I don't plan to update these materials further. C++11 and 14 have been finalized, and I think by the time C++ is updated again (a process that, practically speaking, is likely to occur both through technical specifications as well as a revised language standard), training courses covering the latest features will assume that people have a background in much of C++11 and C++14. As regards C++ in embedded systems, my current materials focus on C++98/03, because my experience has been that embedded shops tend to be more conservative in their adoption of new compilers (and the language features they offer) than their non-embedded counterparts. Going forward, I think it would be prudent for training courses for embedded developers to assume that C++11 features are (or soon will be) available, and I don't plan to revise my training course to adopt that stance. (That's because my current C++-related work builds on my experience with and the information in Effective Modern C++.)

I think the just-published versions of these training courses correspond well to the practical state of C++ as of 2015. If you've purchased copies of these materials, I hope you find the latest updates useful. (You should have received a copy of the changelog in the email telling you about the availability of the new versions.) If you don't have copies of these materials, I think they're a good way to educate yourself about the topics they address. As always, you can download free samples of each set of materials from the following links:


DS said...

Scott, as someone who owns both sets of material (as well as "Effective Modern C++" and your other books), I'm really happy to hear they've been updated. I work in deeply embedded systems, and I'm the guy championing C++ vs. C for embedded work in the firms I work for. Your material always comes in handy.

Scott Meyers said...

@DS: I'm glad you find the materials useful.

Unknown said...
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Sandeep Datta said...

Scott, do you plan to update "Overview of the New C++" with C++17?

Scott Meyers said...

@Sandeep Datta: No, per this blog post, I got off the C++ train at the end of 2015, so I don't plan to make any additional updates.