Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Keynote at DConf in Berlin on May 5

The folks behind the annual conference for the D programming language offered me a soapbox for my most fundamental beliefs about software and software development, so on Friday, 5 May, I'll be speaking in Berlin at DConf about

Things That Matter

In the 45+ years since Scott Meyers wrote his first program, he’s played many roles: programmer, user, educator, researcher, consultant. Different roles beget different perspectives on software development, and so many perspectives over so much time have led Scott to strong views about the things that really matter. In this presentation, he’ll share what he believes is especially important in software and software development, and he’ll try to convince you to embrace the same ideas he does.
Because this isn't a C++ talk, I sent the DConf organizers a more general bio than I usually use. It may include some things about me you don't know, so perhaps you'll find it interesting:
Scott Meyers started programming in 1971, and he started teaching programming in 1972. He’s best known for his Effective C++ books, but he’s also worked on constraint expression for programming languages, program representations in development environments, software simulations of bacteriophage lambda, general principles for improving software quality, and the effective presentation of technical information. In 2009, he received the Dr. Dobb’s Excellence in Programming Award, and in 2014, an online poll likened his hair style to that of the cartoon character, He-Man.
If you're working with or interested in D, I encourage you to consider attending the conference. If so, be sure to stop by and say hello after my talk!



Stefanos said...

So...should we expect an "Effective D" book in the near future?

Scott Meyers said...

@Stefanos: Not from me :-)

Marco said...

Scott, then are you still considering speaking engagements?

Scott Meyers said...

@Marco: I still consider them, but the chances of me seriously entertaining an invitation are higher if the desired topic isn't focused on C++. It also helps if the event involves travel to someplace I want to go. I like Berlin :-).

Marco said...

That's a very precious information Scott! Please, if you feel like visiting Italy at some point, drop me some lines - we met in Berlin in 2014: marco[at]italiancpp... :)
Your talk at the DConf seems very interesting and I think it would fit any event on Software, regardless of a particular language.
Enjoy Berlin :)

Vasudev Ram said...

Hi Scott, nice to see you taking an interest in D. I had read most of your book Effective C++ some years ago, and thought it was very good writing. Cheers, Vasudev.