Monday, February 11, 2013

Public Presentations in 2013

I've just updated my Upcoming Talks page with the public presentations that are currently scheduled for 2013.  Most of them will take place in Europe (Oslo and London in June, and Stuttgart in November), but there are additional U.S. events in the works, so my talks at C++ and Beyond in December are unlikely to remain my only public presentations in the USA.

Of particular note is that I'll be giving presentations of my all-new-and-still-under-development seminar, Effective C++11 Programming, in Oslo, London, and Stuttgart, and there's a good chance that at least some of my talks at C++ and Beyond will focus on the effective use of features found only in C++11.  In view of the fact that my big project for this year is writing Effective C++11 (see this post and this one for details), it should come as no surprise that that topic will be a leitmotif for 2013.

As always, details of my upcoming public presentations are to be found at my Upcoming Talks page.

I hope to see you at at least one of my presentations this year.



Anonymous said...

So there won't be a "Fastware for C++" talk this year?

Scott Meyers said...

@Anonymous: Currently, that talk is not scheduled for any public presentation, sorry.