Tuesday, August 8, 2000

November Seminars

For a variety of reasons, the next time I offer a public seminar on my
introductory STL materials has been pushed back from this coming November
to the second half of January, 2001. (When firm dates are available, I'll
let you know.) If you were hoping to attend the November STL seminar, I
apologize for the delay, but there are a few things we need to take care of
before we offer the seminar again. When we do it, I want to make sure we
do it correctly.

If you're in Europe, however, you may want to note the following seminar

Basel, Switzerland: November 13-14
Munich, Germany: November 16-17

For both seminars, the first day will cover "Designing and Implementing
Effective C++ Classes" (http://www.aristeia.com/class-design.html), and the
second day will cover "High-Performance C++ Programming
(http://www.aristeia.com/high-performance.html). I'm overhauling the
material in the high-performance course to include information on the use
of the STL portion of the standard C++ library. That material appears in
neither "Effective C++" nor "More Effective C++", though it will appear in
"Effective STL," which I'm working on now and which I hope to have out by
the end of the year.

The seminars in Europe are being organized by Altmann & Partner AG and by
QA Systems GmbH. At some point they will have official publicity
materials, and when those material become available, I'll let you know.