Monday, May 28, 2012

Final Week for Early-Bird Registration for C++ and Beyond

This is the final week for Early-Bird (i.e., discounted) registration for C++ and Beyond, the C++ conference-only-better event organized and put on by me, Herb Sutter, and Andrei Alexandrescu. Among the topics we'll address in our technical sessions are "universal references" in C++11 (a term I'll introduce, define, and, I hope motivate), using C++11 features to write error-resilient code, how new C++11 meanings for longstanding keywords affect concurrent and parallel code, and how to convince your colleagues to improve their software development behavior.  Additional topics are listed on the C&B 2012 Schedule Page, and there are more to come.

Every year I say the same thing about C&B, but every year I honestly believe it:  the coming C&B looks to be the best one ever. It's still the only C++ event featuring limited attendance; all-new presentations by me, Herb, and Andrei; and communal breakfasts and lunches as one of many characteristics designed to maximize the opportunity for you to talk not just with us, but also with one another.  In a year with more C++ events than probably any since the turn of the century, C++ and Beyond continues to distinguish itself as an event focusing not just on top-notch content, but also on face time with the people who developed the content and with the leading developers who will apply it.

During the Early Bird period, registration is discounted 10% for both individual and group registrations.  Group registrations (three or more) get an additional 10% off for being a group, so for the remainder of this week (i.e., through Friday), the discounts are effectively 10% for individuals and 20% for members of groups.  That's a savings of literally hundreds of dollars per registration.

Early-Bird registration won't be extended, so if you'd like to be part of C++ and Beyond 2012 (I'd certainly love to see you there), I encourage you to register no later than Friday.