Thursday, June 21, 2012

Final C&B Talk Announced

I just announced the final talk I'll be giving at this year's C++ and Beyond. It's Secrets of the C++11 Threading API.  Like my other talks, it's a new presentation covering new information I've never written, blogged, or spoken about before. (Okay, there may be some tiny overlap.  For example, in my Effective C++11 talk, I'm going to offer a more detailed analysis of the issues I raised in my blog post, std::string, SSO, and Move Semantics.)

The full slate of talks I'll be giving at C&B in August is:
In addition, I'll be participating in panel discussions and Q&A sessions with Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu on these topics:
For the talks Andrei and Herb will be giving, check out the C&B schedule. I think you'll find that the mix of talks this year is especially compelling, even by C&B standards.

Registration for C++ and Beyond continues through the end of July, but we're nearly 3/4th full, and once all the seats are gone, they're gone.  In addition, the discounted room rate for C&B attendees expires on July 6, so if you're interested in being part of the premier C++ event of 2012 (at least among those being held in Asheville, NC, in August :-}), I encourage you to sign up sooner rather than later.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

35% Discount Code for my Digital Book Bundle

Today I got email from my publisher regarding the bundled electronic versions of my books:
Only offers this collection in both PDF and ePub formats, together for one price. PRE-ORDER TODAY and SAVE 35% off the list price.
Enter the coupon code MEYERS8627 during checkout to receive your discount. Offer expires June 21, 2012.
The list price of the bundle is $95.99, but, from what I can tell, the "normal" pre-order price is $76.79.  The email says that with the code, the price drops to $62.40.

I don't know if I'm supposed to share this coupon code with you, but the email didn't say I shouldn't, so here you go :-)

In my original post about this digital book bundle, I noted that I had not had a chance to review the product, and that's still the case.  (They tell me I'll get a copy once they're sure it's ready to ship, which I think is quite reasonable.)  I've also not tested the discount code mentioned above.  But I have no reason to think that the bundle is anything less than it's advertised to be, nor do I have a reason to doubt the authenticity of the coupon code. 

If you're interested in having electronic copies of my books for only about $20 each, this looks like a good way to get them.


PS - My wife suggests you buy as many copies as you can afford.  My editor wonders whether it'd really be such a hardship if you were to buy a few more than you can afford :-)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Digital Bundle of my Books

I recently received this message:
Hi Scott,

I was looking through the books at and was checking to see if the promotion for buying all of your Effective C++ books together was still active and found this instead:

Are those updated versions of your books, or is that one SKU for all three existing books in that series?
I replied:
This is a single SKU for digital editions of all my existing books.  The content of the books is the same as the current editions of the printed books. I was not actually aware that this SKU had been put online, though I knew it was in the planning stages.
Shortly thereafter, I got mail from my publisher:
Your eBook digital collection is now available for pre-order. You can feel free to start pointing folks to now!
Consider yourselves pointed.

My books have been available in PDF for over three years (per this post from Feburary 2009), but, as far as I know, this is the first time they've been made available as a bundle of all three books in both PDF and ePub formats. I have not yet had a chance to examine this bundle myself (the author is always the last to know...), but when I announced the PDF versions in February 2009, I wrote:
[The PDFs are] DRM-free and chock-full of linked navigation in all the ways I believe you have a right to expect: tables of contents, indices, cross-references, URLs, mailtos, the whole nine yards.
To the best of my knowledge, all those features are still present.  For all I know, so are a whole bunch more.  Once I get my hands on the digital bundle and take a look at it, I'll let you know for sure.