Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blog for "Fastware!"

I've started a blog for discussion of issues related to the book I'm working on
called "Fastware!" The book itself is about how to produce software systems that
are fast, but the issues I'm currently addressing in the blog are about the
writing itself rather than the technical content. I hope to move on to
content-related topics before too long, but first I have some authoring problems
to resolve. I encourage you to take a look at the blog at and offer comments on the issues I raise
there. (Currently, there are only two entries, but tomorrow is another day.)
My conversations with authors and publishers have not been terribly helpful in
resolving the questions I'm wrestling with, so I'm hoping that by exposing these
issues to the world at large, I'll get feedback that will help me produce a book
that's well suited to the future of publishing as well as the past.

Please let others know about this blog if you think they are likely to be
interested in authoring issues (now) or speed-related issues (later).