Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Two more EC++/3E Sample Items

Two more sample Items have now been made available. One of them is Item 9
("Never call virtual functions during construction or destruction"). You
can get that via the Bookpool page for 3E (http://www.bookpool.com/ct/197),
where you can also read about how to win a chance to interview me. They
apparently think this is something you might want to do :-) I don't get any
kind of kickback on purchases through Bookpool, but I can tell you that the
people there seem very, very nice, so I encourage you to check out their

The other Item now available is at Addison-Wesley's page for 3E. The Item
is #47 ("Use Use traits classes for information about types"), and the URL



Friday, May 6, 2005

Two Book-Related Questions

Now that the third edition of Effective C++ is done, I have time to turn my
attention to two other book-related issues, and I'd like your feedback.

- ELECTRONIC PUBLICATION. We'd like to come out with a new electronic
version of all three of my books to replace the current CD (which has
only two books on it). Any comments you have on the proper format and
feature set for such a product would be most welcome. Should we again
use an HTML-based approach on CD? Should we go with PDF instead? Is
there some other format or delivery mechanism that would be most useful?
Please let me know your thoughts on how you'd like to electronic versions
of my books made available.

- ERRATA LISTS. Currently, my book errata lists are hand-coded HTML. It's
so primitive, it's not even retro. It's ugly, you can't do things like
search for all entries for a particular page or printing or made after a
certain date, etc. It is, quite honestly, an embarrassment, but it's
easy for me to maintain, there are only so many hours in a day, and one
has to prioritize, etc. Still, I'd like to do better. If you have a
suggested way to approach this problem, or if you know of errata sites
for other books/CDs/etc. that do this particularly well, please let me



Tuesday, May 3, 2005

EC++/3E Sample Item Now Available

Addison-Wesley has just made Item 27 from EC++/3E ("Minimize Casting")
available for download at
This means that in approximately 8 minutes, I should start getting bug