Sunday, February 24, 2002

Upcoming Appearances

This mailing is all about upcoming appearances:
- March 4-6: Tutorials for the SPC in Vancouver, BC
- March 18-20: TCS2 in Boston, MA
- July 16: Keynote at the RW User Conference in Vail, CO

March 4-6 in Vancouver
The Software Productivity Center ( is sponsoring two
seminars of mine. On March 4, I'll present my one-day course on maximizing
efficiency in C++. Details are available at The next two days I'll be
presenting material from "Effective STL." Details are available at, but unfortunately, the
details the SPC published aren't entirely accurate (though I hope they will
correct them in the next day or so). What you need to know is this: there
is no overlap in content between the efficiency course and the STL course,
so if you're interested in learning as much about using the STL as you can,
I encourage you to sign up for both courses.

Traditionally, my seminars at the SPC are pretty small (almost always under
30 people, often under 20), so these are a good chance to see me talk about
C++ in a setting where you can ask lots of questions and get plenty of
personal attention.

I apologize for the late notice of these talks (they're barely a week
away), but I hope to see you in Vancouver!

March 18-20 in Boston
"THE C++ Seminar II" is rapidly approaching, and that means that I finally
got one of my talks done. My presentation on library design continues to
exist only in my head, but I now know exactly what I'll be talking about in
my Odds and Ends presentation. Here's the text from my overview slide:
- Templates, redundancy, default type parameters, and total specialization.
- PODs, non-PODs, arrays, and an efficiency benchmark.
- Four designs for reference counting smart pointer templates.
- spell, ispell, DWIM, and lint.
- Recommended reading
Kind of eclectic, I know, but what did you expect from a talk on odds and
ends? The recommended reading is fairly extensive, because I was
desperately looking for a way to shoehorn more material into the talk, so I
decided to include thumbnail sketches of things I didn't have time to talk
about along with pointers to places where you can get the full story.

July 16 in Vail
Rogue Wave has asked me to give a keynote address at their User Conference,
so I'll be presenting thoughts on succeeding with C++ in the real world.
You can read about the talk at,
though you'll have to scroll down beyond Bjarne to get to me.

As always, you can find a complete list of scheduled appearances at my
Seminars page,

The last few months have been busy ones, so I'll have a couple of
announcements on other topics soon. In the meantime, I hope to see you in
Vancouver next week, in Boston in mid-March, and/or in Vail in July.

Check out the *new* "THE C++ Seminar"