Monday, March 12, 2012

My Training Courses through Other Vendors

For many years, I've allowed select outside technical trainers and training firms to use my course  materials with their clients. In cases where people approached me for training, but, due to scheduling or location or budgetary issues, etc., we were unable to work out an agreement, I'd refer them to one or more of these outside vendors.

These days, I face a challenge most people would love to have: there's more demand for my services than I can provide. Fortunately, thanks to these outside trainers and training firms, I have a viable suggestion for would-be training clients in cases where I can't do the work myself. In the past, my referrals to outside vendors have been ad hoc, but the issue arises often enough that I decided to put together a page at my web site listing the various individuals and companies who are authorized to use my training materials.

As a general rule, these vendors tend to have better scheduling flexibility than I do. I typically know the people who do the training, and I have great confidence in them. They use the exact same training materials that I use. As the person who did the research into the topics addressed by the materials and who created the materials themselves, I like to think I offer something nobody else can, but in cases where my doing a training gig is not possible, I'm pleased to be able to offer clients and would-be clients reasonable alternatives.

To view a summary of my authorized outside training vendors, please visit my Approved Outside Vendors page.