Wednesday, December 19, 2001

TCS2; Talks at Software Development

Two topics this time:
- An all-new "THE C++ Seminar" will take place in Boston in March.
- I'll be giving four talks at Software Development in San Jose in April.

TCS2 (THE C++ Seminar 2)

The initial "THE C++ Seminar" was so successful and so much fun, we decided
to do it again, this time in Boston in March. (If you're not familiar with
"THE C++ Seminar", you can read about the idea behind it at and can get detailed
information about it at

There is an important difference between the seminar we held in October and
the one we'll host in March: virtually all of the material will be new.
Really new. So new, it's never been presented before any any public forum
and has never appeared in a book or magazine article. (At least not one we
wrote.) That means that if you attended TCS1 or have read every word we've
ever published, you can sign up for TCS2 without fear of seeing the same
tired stuff you've seen before. (We may decide to repeat a couple of the
panel sessions we did at TCS1, but all of the individual talks will be new,
and I'm pushing to avoid panel repeats, too.)

You'll find general TCS information at
Registration information for TCS2 is at A discounted "early bird"
registration fee applies until the end of January. I encourage you to
register early, because TCS1 was nearly sold out by the end of its early
bird period.

Software Development

I'll be speaking at the Software Development Conference
( again this year. I'm giving three C++ talks:

STL Allocators
Maximizing STL Performance
C++ Odds and Ends

I'm also giving a keynote address that is about software development in
general (as opposed to specifically about C++):

The Keyhole Problem and its Many Kin

You can find descriptions of all of these talks at

Regarding the conference, the SD bigwigs have asked me to let you know the

We have a special offer for any attendees whom you refer to SD West
2002. If they use the code 2WSPKR, they will receive $300 off any
multi-day pass with no expiration date!

An offer like that kind of takes your breath away, doesn't it?

I hope everybody is having a happy holiday season, and I hope to see you in
Boston in March, in San Jose in April, or both.