Tuesday, October 13, 2009

C++0x Training Course Extended to Three Days

I mentioned in a July message that the debut of my new training course on C++0x
would take place in late September, and that debut has now taken place. The
course was a lot of fun, but I was surprised to discover that the quantity and
depth of the material requires substantially more time to cover than I'd
anticipated. I've hence extended the course from two to three days, although a
two-day version is still available. (It omits most coverage of TR1-based
library components.)

The public world debut of the new "extended dance remix" version of my overview
of C++0x will take place in Bellevue, Washington, in early December. Details
are available at http://construx.com/Page.aspx?nid=17&id=115 . I hope to see you