Thursday, January 11, 2007

Shakedown Webinar 2 Recording Now Available

The recording of today's webinar on the implementation of virtual functions
under multiple inheritance is now available. It's a little over an hour long.
There are two ways to view it. You can stream it from
or you can download it (about 150MB) from
. The .wrf format requires the Webex player, which I believe will be
automatically downloaded and installed if you stream. If you choose to download
the file and play it locally, you may have to download and install the player
yourself; it's available at .

This recording is part of my webinar shakedown process, so I very much welcome
all comments. Good or bad, I'd like to know what you think about getting and
viewing the recording as well as about anything in the recording or the webinar
itself. I want to learn how to make webinars and their recordings as effective
and useful as possible, so the more information I get from you, the better job I
can do.

Thanks for your help.


Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Note about Thursday's VoIP-Based Webinar

This is a quick note for people who are interested in participating in
Thursday's VoIP-based webinar. I've just found out that Webex supports VoIP
audio *only on Windows*. You may be able to hear and/or speak using other OSes,
but for best results, please try to participate under Windows. (On an
experiment I performed recently with a colleague on a Mac, he was able to hear
me, but I could not hear him.)

I apologize for not knowing about this restriction earlier, but these are
shakedown webinars. This is one of the things that just got shaken loose.



Saturday, January 6, 2007

Signup Information for Shakedown Webinar #2 on Thursday

To register for the second shakedown webinar on January 11 (covering the
implementation of virtual functions under multiple inheritance) click on

Fill out the required fields, and click "Register Now." Webex will
send you email telling you how to join the meeting when it starts.

Compared to the first webinar, I plan to make the following changes:
- Audio will be available only via VoIP. You'll need a headset or speakers
to hear the presentation and a microphone to speak.
- I'll record the webinar and make it available for viewing later.

A PDF copy of the materials I'll be presenting is available now at ; click on the "Files" tab.
You may wish to print a copy and have it available during the talk.

The presentation will start promptly at 10:00AM Pacific time on January 11.
Before you can join, you'll need to make sure that the Webex MeetingManager
software has been installed. This should happen automatically when you
join the meeting (nobody reported problems last week), but you may want to
install the software in advance by following this link:

I'll be in the virtual meeting room about 5 minutes before the presentation
starts to give a brief overview of the Webex features you're most likely to
find useful, e.g., how to raise your virtual hand, how to send text
messages during the talk, how to disable live video of me, etc.

I look forward to having you in the webinar on January 11 and getting your
feedback after it's over. If you have any problems or questions about
signing up for the webinar, let me know: smeyers@....