Thursday, October 6, 2005

Do you have a 5th printing of Effective STL?

Each time a new printing of one of my books comes out, I'm supposed to get
a copy. Normally I do, but there are occasional snafus, and I recently
realized that I lack a copy of the 5th printing of Effective STL. Worse
yet, my publisher is unable to find one. I'd really like to have a copy of
the 5th printing, so if you have one, I have a deal for you.

I spent the last two days updating ESTL for the upcoming 7th printing (you
can check out the panoply of changes at, and I'm
willing to trade an autographed copy of the new printing (when it comes out
in a few weeks) for a copy of the 5th printing, ideally a 5th printing in
pristine condition -- no writing in or on it, no folded pages, etc. If you
have such a printing and are interested in a trade, please let me know.



PS - The printing number is at the bottom of the copyright page.