Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Evolving Search for Effective C++

The video of my keynote address at Meeting C++ 2014 on December 5 has just been posted to the Meeting C++ Channel at YouTube. I was given a long time slot (two hours), so I addressed two rather different topics, both based on my work of the past quarter century identifying and promulgating guidelines for effective C++ programming.

The meat of the first topic is an explanation of how one of the guidelines in Effective Modern C++--"Consider emplacement instead of insertion"--came to have the form that it does. It has a lot of hard-core C++ content, though I hope that the secondary lesson about the importance of seeking feedback on prospective programming guidance also comes through. This part of the talk runs about an hour.

The second topic is about disseminating information in written and presentation form, and it's not about C++ at all. Rather, it's about issues I think authors, publishers, and trainers need to consider when packaging technical information for consumption in an age where writing is in print or digital form and where the reach of a technical talk is often much greater in recorded form than through a live presentation. This part of the video is about 30 minutes long.

At the end of the talk is some 20 minutes of Q&A.

I worked hard preparing this presentation, and I'm pleased with the way it came out and with the material I covered. I hope you enjoy it.


Friday, December 5, 2014

Effective Modern C++ Exists!

I arrived in Berlin last night (where I'm participating in Meeting C++) to find a package waiting for me with two print copies of EMC++! At about the same time, I found out that the initial print run had sold out by the time it hit the warehouse, so a second printing has been scheduled in about a week. If you didn't get a copy of the book from the initial print run, don't feel bad: the books I ordered for some training I'll be doing next week got pushed back to the second printing, too. The only copies I'll see for a while are the two you see in the picture.

For my Meeting C++ keynote this morning, O'Reilly gave me a discount code for both print and digital versions of EMC++, and since I shared it with the conference attendees, I'll share it with you, too:  AUTHD. That should save you a sweet 50% off the ebook and a nearly-as-sweet 40% off the print book. (Inexplicably, the discount isn't applicable to the print+ebook bundle, so if you want both, put them into your cart individually, because the total price will then beat the already-nicely-discounted bundle pricing.)

In the meantime, Addison-Wesley has extended their deep ebook Deal of the Day discount on the digital versions of my earlier C++ books to a second day, so if you're wondering what to do while you're waiting for your print copy of EMC++ to arrive, don't overlook the possibility of clicking and shopping for EC++, MEC++, and ESTL.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Special Sale: Digital Bundle of EC++, MEC++, and ESTL for $40!

Addison-Wesley has chosen my Effective C++ Digital Collection (i.e., digital versions of Effective C++, Third Edition, More Effective C++, and Effective STL) as their December 4 ebook Deal of the Day. The bundle, which normally sells for $95.99, has been marked down to $39.99. At only about $13 per book, I think that's a very attractive price.

These books have not been updated for C++11, but most of the information in them remains fundamentally sound, and of course if you haven't yet migrated to C++11, they're as useful now as they've ever been. (For my perspective on the relevance of the information in Effective C++ in the C++11 era, take a look at this blog post.)

Happy shopping!