Wednesday, September 20, 2000

Upcoming Seminars; Template Workshop; Revamped Web Site

Three topics:
- Upcoming public seminars in November and January
- Template programming workshop in Germany in October
- My new "improved" web site


My revamped web site (see below) now features a page dedicated to my
upcoming public seminars, including the ones I'll be giving in Switzerland
and Germany in November and the one I'll be giving in Portland in January.
For details, visit, then mark off some
time on your calendar to come listen to me prattle on about C++ :-)


The workshop on template programming I've mentioned in previous mailings
now has a final program, and you can find it at Having read all the submissions (we
could accept only 10 of 21), I can assure you that the presentations will
be very strong, and I just wish I could go myself. (I can't, sigh.) The
workshop will take place on Tuesday, October 10. (This is a day later than
originally scheduled, by the way). To register, visit and sign up for
the conference; there is no special registration for the workshop alone.

If you can't attend, I encourage you to read the papers that will be
presented there. You'll be able to get to them via that same URL,, but the links may not be present until
after the workshop.

One member of the Program Committe, reflecting on the submissions we
reviewed, shared this with the other members of the PC. He didn't expect
me to share it with others, but I think it accurately reflects the
workshop, and I thought you might find it interesting:

I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of many of the papers
submitted to the workshop. Considering that this is a newly-born workshop
and it is held in Germany, the result is impressive. There are many
workshops held every year, some in conjunction with top quality
conferences. Most of them will just accept any paper that happens to be
submitted, expecting no novelty but instead repeating well-known
"positions" of the authors. Instead, the C++ template workshop has a
program that indeed allows it to claim that it is the premier outlet for
top-quality work in C++.

If you can make it to Erfurt next month, I think you'll find the workshop
well worth attending.


My web site has been revamped to include more information and to be easier
to navigate. If you find something wrong with the "new",
please let me know. Please also let me know if you find my ISP flaky (they
host the site). I've received a report that the site is *very* slow and
that 10061 errors ("connection refused") are common. It works fine for me,
but then again, there are zero hops between me and my ISP. On the other
hand, I've heard this complaint from only one person, so I'm kind of hoping
it's just him...

BTW, please don't give me grief about my use of frames at the site. It was
the least unpleasant of the options I had at my disposal, and besides, I'm
still not using cookies. Nor do I plan to.

I want to plug the person who did the work on the web site, because I found
him to be extremely professional in every way. He was determined to
produce a site that I was happy with, even if that meant rewriting things
several times to get the effect I wanted (across multiple browsers), and he
was willing to do research to find out how my latest impossible demands
could be met. He was amazingly responsive, and I do mean that I was
amazed. I also found his fees to be quite reasonable. If you are looking
for somebody to help you with web site work, I encourage you to contact:

Mogenns Gilmour
WebCoach Internet Services Corp.
Providing Quality Internet Services Since 1995
Info@... |
Toll Free: 877-WebCoach (932-2622)
503-655-6813 (Voice) | 503-655-6907 (Fax)

Tell him I sent ya.