Monday, March 2, 2009

Summer/Fall Seminars in Vienna and Stuttgart

My annual collaboration with QA Systems in Germany will continue this year in
Stuttgart with a five-day schedule that includes two new seminars, one on C++0x,
the other a generalization of my "High-Performance C++ Programming" seminar
called "Fastware with C++." Dates are in September and October, and you can
find all the details at my Upcoming Talks page, .

New this year is a series of four technical seminars in Vienna (Wien) in June,
including my language-independent presentation on producing high-quality
software, as well as three in-depth C++ topics. The topics I'll discuss in
Vienna are different from those I'll address in Stuttgart. These seminars are
also in collaboration with QA Systems, and details are available at .

I hope to see you in Vienna or Stuttgart...or both!