Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Training Course on C++0x

I've just completed development of a new C++ training course, this one on the
new features in C++0x (the forthcoming revised standard for C++). My original
plan had been to develop a one-day seminar, but it turns out that C++0x has so
many new features, trying to describe and explore even the "primary" ones in
only one day just isn't possible. So the course runs two days. Furthermore,
recent compiler releases (e.g., VC10, which is now in publicly available beta,
and gcc 4.4) support a surprisingly large number of C++0x features, so even as
the C++ standardization committee hammers out the final details of the next
version of C++, you can start getting experience with parts of the enhanced
language and standard library right now. If my experience is any indication,
your new best friend in C++0x will be "auto," and, especially if you're doing
multithreaded programming, you're likely to develop a serious fondness for

The new course is described at http://www.aristeia.com/C++0x.html , and its
public world premiere will take place in Stuttgart, Germany, at the end of
September (link available at http://www.aristeia.com/seminars.html ). If you're
interested in knowing more about the course or if you'd like to consider booking
it for presentation at your company, let me know.