Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sale on AW C++ Books

The pepped-up marketing folks at Addison-Wesley recently sent me this, which I am dutifully passing on:
Please feel free to point folks to which features a Buy 1 Save 30% | Buy 2 or More Save 40% discount code for all C++ titles.  Note, while only the most recent C++ titles are featured on the landing page, the discount code applies to ALL titles (there is a giant "Shop all C++ Titles" button at the bottom of the page and folks can search for your products by your last name).
According to the banner at the top of the page, the deal also includes free ground shipping within the USA. To get the discounts, you have to enter the magic promotion code CPLUSPLUS at checkout.

Happy shopping!


Friday, August 2, 2013

Two videos coming, many videos past

On September 4-6, the 2013 edition of GoingNative will take place, and I'll be giving the following presentation:

An Effective C++11/14 Sampler

After years of intensive study (first of C++0x, then of C++11, and most recently of C++14), Scott thinks he finally has a clue. About the effective use of C++11, that is (including C++14 revisions). At last year’s GoingNative, Herb Sutter predicted that Scott would produce a new version of Effective C++ in the 2013-14 time frame, and Scott’s working on proving him almost right. Rather than revise Effective C++, Scott decided to write a new book that focuses exclusively on C++11/14: on the things the experts almost always do (or almost always avoid doing) to produce clear, efficient, effective code. In this presentation, Scott will present a taste of the Items he expects to include in Effective C++11/14. If all goes as planned, he’ll also solicit your help in choosing a cover for the book.

Like all the talks at GoingNative, mine will be live-streamed as well as recorded for later viewing. But it occurred to me a while ago that although my web site has a list of my past publications and my past presentations, it doesn't really have a list of videos of presentations I've given. Well, it didn't. It does now: check out my brand spanking new online videos page. If the thought of such a page moves you to nominate me for the Personal Vanity Hall of Shame, I understand, but my actual motivation was considerably more pedestrian. It's not uncommon for me to be asked whether my presentations are available online, and now there's an easy way for people to answer that question themselves.

Which reminds me. I presented my seminar, Better Software—No Matter What, at the Norwegian Developers Conference in June, and most of that talk has now been made available online. The original plan was for the entire thing to be recorded, but there was a technical glitch that prevented the first of six parts from being preserved. Parts 2-5 are now live, and when the NDC tells me where part 6 is, I'll add a link to that, too.


PS - Speaking of Effective C++11/14, just today I finished my first full draft of the chapter on rvalue references, move semantics, and perfect forwarding. It consists of eight Items and, if Microsoft Word is to be believed, 20,359 words. Assuming 90K words for the full book (in line with my past efforts, if FrameMaker is to be believed), that means I'm a bit over 20% of the way towards a full draft.