Thursday, July 25, 2002

TCS3 Registration is Now Open!

Andrei Alexandrescu, Herb Sutter, Steve Dewhurst, Dan Saks, and I will be
hosting an all-new incarnation of THE C++ Seminar (TCS) on October 28-30 in
Vancouver, Washington (just across the river from Portland, Oregon). If
you're not familiar with "THE C++ Seminar", you can read about the idea
behind it at and can
get detailed information about it at

Our first TCS sold out at about 85 people, so for TCS2, we reserved more
space and accepted a lot more people. Afterwards, we decided that one of
the things we liked best about TCS1 was the intimate feeling and the chance
to spend time chatting with attendees, so for TCS3, we're limiting
enrollment to 95. More than ever, we encourage attendees to track us down
at TCS and talk/argue/brainstorm with us about interesting problems. We
wouldn't be doing this if we didn't thrive on that kind of thing!

Technically, my claim above of "all-new" is not quite true, because
although Andrei, Herb, Steve, and Dan have all promised to present material
they've never published or publicly spoken about, I'm being a deadbeat and
playing my cards a bit closer to the chest. One of my talks will
definitely be new, however, and I even know what it will be about:

Faux Amis in C++

English speakers learning French quickly encounter faux amis: French
words that look like English words, but that have different
meanings. Developers who progress from C to object-oriented C++ to
templates to the STL and then to generic programming also encounter faux
amis: new constructs that look like old ones, but that behave
differently. In this talk, Scott identifies a number of important faux
amis in C++, explaining the differences between the pairs, why the
differences exist, and how to know which of the false friends should be
used when.

I'm still mulling over the topic of my second talk. There is some chance
that it will include some material I'll be debuting in the UK earlier in
October (I'll post about that in a few days), and that's why I can't
guarantee that what I present at TCS3 will be ALL new. I can guarantee
that it will be mostly new, and I can also guarantee that it will cover
material I've never published. Unless you attend one of my UK talks this
October, my TCS3 talks will definitely cover material you have never seen
me cover before. (If there's a topic you'd like to see me address, send me
mail and let me know about it. I'm very supceptible to the powers of

To learn more about TCS3, visit Be sure
to check out the link to the hotel (The Heathman Lodge), which is one of
the nicest places in the Portland metropolitan area. I should know: I
scouted out dozens of venues before choosing The Heathman. You can
register for TCS3 at
Earlier is better than later, not only because we have an early bird rate
that expires on September 15, but also because of the enrollment limit of

I hope to see you in Vancouver at the end of October.