Tuesday, July 31, 2012

C&B 2012 Registration Ends Tomorrow!

Registration for C++ and Beyond 2012 ends tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11:55PM Eastern Time--roughly 36 hours from now.   For the third year in a row in this unique conference's three-year history, we've set a new attendance record, but there are still some spots available for this limited-enrollment event. 

Perhaps one reason for the unprecedented interest is the unprecedented amount of technical material we'll be presenting, much of it announced only recently.  We even extended the schedule for the first two conference days to make room for new content.  If you haven't been following the C&B blog, you may be interested in these posts from the past week and a half:
  • Writing Fast Code, which describes a new double-length session (three hours total) that Andrei Alexandrescu will be presenting based, in part, on the work he's been doing at Facebook to optimize the processing of, well, lots, of data. This is not theoretical it-should-run-faster-if-we-do-this kind of stuff, it's the result of countless hours trying things out and seeing what actually works.  For performance-oriented C++ developers, it can't get more practical than this.
  • A Special Announcement by Herb Sutter that gives C&B attendees a sneak preview of and an opportunity to help shape the initial rollout of a project that will be a boon to the entire C++ community.  As Herb clarified in a comment below his post, this project will be free and available to everybody when it goes live, but Herb needs a limited group of active and experienced C++ developers from whom to solicit feedback and engage in active discussion at this point in the project's creation, and C&B 2012 attendees will be part of that group.
  • More C&B than ever!, which describes how each year's C&B has scheduled more time for technical content than the year before.
Those are just the most recent posts.  For all the C&B-related info, check out the full blog history.

This isn't the C&B blog, however, it's my blog, so I'll remind you of the talks I'll be giving at C&B:
Having just finished the materials for these presentations, I can say I'm quite excited about them.  I think they'll help make it easier to use some of the new features in C++11 to greatest effect, while at the same time avoiding some of the potential pitfalls that accompany those features.

I hope to see you in Asheville, NC, next week.