Monday, April 25, 2016

Thursday's NDC Presentation will be live, but remote

Recent developments have conspired to prevent me from attending this week's Nexon Developers Conference in Seoul, but I'll still be making my keynote presentation, "Modern C++ Beyond the Headlines." The talk will be live, but I'll be at home instead of in the conference hall. The heavy lifting on the communications front will be handled by Skype.

The keynote will take place at  5:05PM local time at the conference, which will be 1:05AM local time for me. It should be interesting to see who suffers more: the conference attendees at the end of a long day or me at the end of a longer one :-)


Monday, April 4, 2016

Presentation at Nexon Developers Conference in Seoul on April 28

In my "retirement from active involvement in C++" post at the end of last year, I wrote:
I may even give one more talk. (A potential conference appearance has been in the works for a while. If it gets scheduled, I'll let you know.)
Well, it's been scheduled, and I'm letting you know: I'll be giving a presentation at the Nexon Developers Conference in Seoul on April 28. The topic is "Modern C++ Beyond the Headlines," and I plan to talk about how some features in C++11/14 are better than they appear at first glance (e.g., constexpr), while others are likely to be less attractive than they initially seem (e.g., emplacement).

There are no talks in the pipeline after this one, and I've been holding fast on my decision not to accept new engagements, so in all likelihood, this is the last C++ presentation I'll make. If you want to be there to see if I botch the landing, the Nexon Developers Conference at the end of the month is the place to be!