Monday, April 4, 2016

Presentation at Nexon Developers Conference in Seoul on April 28

In my "retirement from active involvement in C++" post at the end of last year, I wrote:
I may even give one more talk. (A potential conference appearance has been in the works for a while. If it gets scheduled, I'll let you know.)
Well, it's been scheduled, and I'm letting you know: I'll be giving a presentation at the Nexon Developers Conference in Seoul on April 28. The topic is "Modern C++ Beyond the Headlines," and I plan to talk about how some features in C++11/14 are better than they appear at first glance (e.g., constexpr), while others are likely to be less attractive than they initially seem (e.g., emplacement).

There are no talks in the pipeline after this one, and I've been holding fast on my decision not to accept new engagements, so in all likelihood, this is the last C++ presentation I'll make. If you want to be there to see if I botch the landing, the Nexon Developers Conference at the end of the month is the place to be!



Florin Postolache said...

Hi Scott !
I will not attend, unfortunately. Sorry !

Would like to leave a note on your declared C++ retirement.

PhD, 24 years in the C++ industry, leading a team of extremely talented programmers.

In the industry one cannot have the pleasure of contemplation. However we have to make it perfect.
And we do it !

How ?!

By reading books.

Books by scholars.
Scholars enlighten us: Bjarne, You, Herb, Andrei, David, Nicolai et al.

You have the magical talent of seeing the picture from a falcon perspective then diving into the intimate, explaining everything worth it (e.g decltype(auto), std::launch::async or std::launch::deferred etc. ).

You have the magical talent to look like - hair cut, hmm... Jeff Beck - but that's another story.

You have the magical talent that every book I read from you made me stronger and more creative.

No big words but you are a C++ God !!!

I understand that Gods can have affairs (with other languages, I personally like Python and D...)
Gods cannot retire !!!

Can take a rest but never retire.


Said that, looking forward to your next C++17 book of illumination !

Full respect to you,


Anonymous said...

do you happen to know if there will be a video made available from this talk?

Scott Meyers said...

@Anonymous: The conference organizers have not told me whether the talk will be recorded, but past NDCs have recordings, so I think it's likely that this one will, too.

Unknown said...

I am surprised that you think constexpr is undervalued. I mean move semantics and rvalue references are nice. So is that with the _ptr template family RAII has more or less become the official policy.

Still I think that constexpr is the most prized addition to the standard. To all the generic and template programmers it's literally the power of greyskull.

mjohn5 said...

@kamikaze you misread his post. He did not say constexpr is undervalued, he said it is better than many people realize at first.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news!! I had almost given up checking your blog. Your C++ books & talks are some of the very best. Why retire so soon?

Kwanghun Choi said...

I came to to see "persephone" photos(you wrote the site url in the book "Effective STL") and noticed that you are coming to Seoul! Unfortunately I missed the registration due date, so I could not see you at the presentation. Hope you enjoy visiting Korea!

Anonymous said...

@ Florin: You always need a good effective haircut ; ( 8-) hahahahahaha, I know... ) ; mine can be worse anyway 8-) and Scott shaves everyday ; me-self not ; hence reaching the point: Scott books are not made for rolling up `doobs` ; ink is a quite toxic compound.

-- M. the M. yes this one.