Monday, March 28, 2016

Effective Modern C++ in French!

Et VoilĂ ! The French edition of Effective Modern C++ has just arrived at my desk, so it should be available for you, too.

This version of the book uses only one ink color (black), so if you're comfortable with technical English, I suspect you'll prefer the four-color English (American) edition. But if you like your C++ in French (including the code comments!), this new edition is your ami.



Pierre said...

Hello Scott!

I am French :)

I have just got Effective C++ 3rd edition (in English) and the few items I read are very interesting! I'm just curious: this edition is supposed to be an update from 2005 but they is a comment that says something like "C+0X is C+11" in the annexes. So some parts have been written after 2011, am I correct?

I have also read some items of the French version Effective Modern C++, in a book shop, and it seems as good as your previous books! Good job! When I will start using C++11 or newer, for sure I will get it! For the moment I am stuck with C++03.....but I have the proper book for that!


Scott Meyers said...

@Pierre: Effective C++, Third Edition was written in 2005 and thus corresponds to C++98 (technically C++03), the version of C++ that was current at that time. Over the years, I've fixed bugs and made minor updates (as documented by the book's errata list), and a couple of those updates have caused me to mention C++11 in Item 54's discussion of TR1, but the book is about C++98, not C++11.