Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Seminars in Germany next Fall

Those of you who like to plan things far in advance will be pleased to know that
we've chosen the dates, topics, and location for my C++ seminars next fall in
Stuttgart, Germany. In addition to the seminar on using C++ in embedded systems
that I've given for several years, I'll be giving my overview of C++0x (suitably
updated to take into account the latest efforts by compiler vendors and the
standardization committee) as well as a new seminar on how to write C++ software
that runs very quickly (i.e., "Fastware! for C++"). As is the case for all my
scheduled public presentations, details are available at my "Upcoming Talks
page," http://www.aristeia.com/seminars.html .

Ich hoffe, Sie nächstes Jahr in Stuttgart zu sehen!