Wednesday, May 10, 2000

Migration to egroups should now be complete

In theory, everybody on my mailing list has now been transferred from the
soon-to-be-defunct list at my ISP to my list at egroups. I'm sending this
message to both lists, so if you get two copies of this message, it means
you were on the ISP-hosted list and you have been successfully moved to the
egroups-hosted list. If you get only one copy of this message and if that
one copy did NOT come from egroups, it means you somehow failed to get
moved from my ISP to egroups. In that case only, please go to and sign up for my
mailing list at egroups.

This is the last message I will send to my ISP-hosted list. I apologize
for bogging everybody down in what should ideally be a completely
transparent migration of list-hosting sites.


PS - I apologize if this or other egroups-based messages come through with
ads attached. I've sent egroups a check and have told them to
eliminate the ads, but it may take a little while for them to tend to
it. Please be patient.

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