Wednesday, May 23, 2001

DDJ Video Interview; ESTL Sample Items

Two quick things:
- Dr. Dobb's video interview with me is now on-line.
- Update on appearance of ESTL sample Items.


When I was at the Software Development Conference last month, Dr. Dobb's
roped me into a short interview for technetcast, and that interview is now
available. If you'd like to know what I had to say (nothing profound), or
if you'd just like to know what I look/sound like (after being compressed
for distribution over the net), surf on over to


I'm not sure why, but the excerpts from Effective STL that were supposed to
start appearing at the book's web site on May 14 aren't available yet. We
still plan to put four sample Items up, but I don't know exactly when it
will happen, but I'm assured it will be soon. I do know the Item numbers
that will appear, however: 16, 44, 21, and 2, in that order.

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