Saturday, June 16, 2001

Upcoming Seminars in Europe and Japan; ESTL Sale

Two topics:
- Seminars scheduled for Zurich, Stuttgart, Berlin, and Tokyo
- ESTL on sale at 40% off


I've recently scheduled fall seminars in Switzerland, Germany, and Japan.
In particular:
Zurich, Switzerland September 17-19
Stuttgart, Germany September 24-25
Berlin, Germany October 1-2 and 4-5
Tokyo, Japan November 13-16
You'll find details at my seminars page, At that same page you'll
find a link to "THE C++ Seminar," which I mentioned in an earlier mailing.
The more we work on it, the better I think that seminar is going to be.
It's currently about 1/3 subscribed, so if you're interested in attending
(and I hope you are), I encourage you to register sooner than later.


Both and are currently offering Effective STL
for $24, which is 40% off. As an author, my discount when buying the book
is only 35%, so I think this is a pretty good deal! If you've been
thinking about buying the book, I think this is a good opportunity to get
it for cheap. To preview the content in ESTL, check out my article in the
June C/C++ User's Journal as well as the four sample Items you'll find at
AW's site for the book,

If you decide to buy the book from Amazon, please consider going to Amazon
via the following link, because I get a small kickback if you do. (Your
price remains unchanged.)\


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