Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Registration for THE C++ Seminar Reopened

Last week's terrorist attack forced us to postpone THE C++ Seminar, which
was orignally scheduled for this week. The new dates are October 15-17,
and if there's anything that can be considered "good" about the
postponement, it's that we were able to reserve a room that can accommodate
more people this time. After existing registrants are given a chance to
roll over their registrations and people from the wait list are given a
chance to enroll, there are likely to be a dozen or so empty slots. If you
are interested in being able to participate in a hard-core C++ seminar with
me, Herb Sutter, Dan Saks, Steve Dewhurst, and Andrei Alexandrescu, I
encourage you to visit the seminar's home page
(http://www.gotw.ca/cpp_seminar/) to view the schedule and details on how
to register.

I hope to see you at the seminar, where I can promise a certain amount of
fireworks as I attempt to convince my head-in-the-sand compatriots that
namespaces, templates, and exceptions aren't necessarily all they're
cracked up to be...


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