Friday, January 11, 2002

Schedule for TCS2; October CUJ Article Now Online

The following things are now available online:
- The schedule and presentation summary for Boston's
"THE C++ Seminar" in March
- My October CUJ article, "STL Algorithms vs. Hand-Written Loops"

THE C++ Seminar

Astonishingly, Herb Sutter, Andrei Alexandrescu, Steve Dewhurst, Dan Saks,
and I pretty much all managed to get our acts together enough to come up
with titles and descriptions for the talks we'll be giving at our second
"THE C++ Seminar" (aka "TCS2") in Boston in March. The full slate of
presentations is available at
(You'll probably have to scoll down a bit to get to the schedule.) I'll be
giving two talks so new, I haven't written them yet! Ahem. But in my head
they're really good. Click on over to the TCS2 page to read about them.

Regarding TCS2, I have a minor correction to the message I sent out on
December 19. In that message, I said that all the talks at the seminar
would be brand new -- never given before in public. This is accurate for
me, Herb, Andrei, and Steve, but Dan has decided to reprise one of the
talks he gave at TCS1, "Making New Friends." This was a jaw-dropper the
first time he gave it, and I suspect it'll drop more jaws this time. If
you haven't seen it, you want to. For his other presentation, Dan has
craftily refused to reveal anything about it, including whether it contains
material he's given in other public presentations. Of course, the four of
us other speakers are now convinced that Dan is preparing a killer talk
that will make the rest of us look like rank amateurs...

October CUJ Article

The kind folks at C/C++ User's Journal have now put my October article,
"STL Algorithms vs. Hand-Written Loops" online at
This article is an excerpt from Effective STL.

Check out the *new* "THE C++ Seminar"

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