Thursday, June 3, 2004

Recent Bogus Message and What I've Done About It

As many of you noticed, somebody recently spoofed my email address and sent out
a message with a subject of "Re: Hello" and a worm-laden attachment. Sigh.
I've since deleted the bogus message from the web site archives, and I've
reconfigured the mailing list so that all postings not only have to come from
me, they also have to be approved by me before they are propagated. I hope that
this will prevent further abuse of the mailing list.

As an aside, when I poked around the administrative portion of the mailing list,
I found that since starting the mailing list four years ago, I've sent out only
68 messages, but 2300 unauthorized messages have been automatically rejected.
In retrospect, I suppose I'm lucky that only one bogus message has been
propagated, but I still feel badly for wasting your time.

While I was housecleaning at Yahoo, I also deleted two bogus files in the
download area.

With luck, I won't need to bother you about this for another four years. I
apologize for the inconvenience of what has already happened.


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