Friday, April 29, 2005

EC++/3E is Finished

Just a quick note to let you know that I sent final camera-ready copy of
the third edition of Effective C++ to my publisher last week. I expect
physical books to exist in bookstores around the end of May. Between now
and then, there will be sample Items posted at various locations, and it
looks like at least one will appear as an article in DDJ. I'll make
announcements here when those things happen.

Sample Items and magazine articles are part of a marketing campaign
designed to whip you into a buying frenzy, but if you're already gripped by
frenzy and like to order books from Amazon, I'd appreciate it if you'd do
it via the following link, because then I get a small kickback from Amazon.
(The cover image, ISBN, and ordering information for the book is correct,
but most of the textual information (e.g., reviews) at that site is for the
second edition, not the third, sigh.)\

I can't in good conscience fail to note that you can buy it for less at the
Addison-Wesley web site, where I don't get a kickback, but where the
supporting information corresponds to the new edition. The URL for that is

I hope you enjoy the third edition of Effective C++. It's a significant
update, as you'll be able to see from the information at the AW web site.


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