Wednesday, October 4, 2006

New interview; upcoming conferences

There's a new interview with me available at my Articles and Interviews page.
The interview was done in English, then translated into German, and it's the
German version that was published. You'll find links to both versions at

I haven't added the information to my Upcoming Talks page yet, but in January
I'll be participating at a three-city conference in India. You can see a
marketing-heavy overview in the press release at

I'm on the Organizing Committee for the first-ever Boost conference, to be held
next May in Aspen, Colorado. Details are available at I currently plan to submit a talk
proposal or two, but the Call for Proposals isn't yet out, so whether I'll be
speaking there is unknown. If you're heavy into Boost, keep an eye out for the
Call for Proposals and make one or more submissions. Maybe you'll be the person
who bumps me out of a speaking spot!

Other talks in October and November I've already announced for Portland, Oregon,
and Frankfurt, Germany, continue to be listed on my Upcoming Talks page,


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