Friday, December 29, 2006

Signup Information for January 4 Shakedown Webinar

To register for the shakedown webinar on January 4 (covering the
implementation of virtual functions under single inheritance) click on
this link,

fill out the required fields, then click "Register Now." Shortly
thereafter, Webex will send you email telling you how to join the
meeting when it starts.

The presentation itself will start promptly at 10:00AM Pacific time on
January 4, but before you can join, you'll need to make sure that the
Webex MeetingManager software has been installed. This is supposed to
happen automatically when you join the meeting, but I'm believer in
taking steps to thwart Murphy, so I encourage you to install the
software in advance by following this link:

Installing this software in advance will also speed your entry to the
meeting, because there will be no need to download and install the
MeetingManager at that time (unless they've done an upgrade in the
interim, which is always possible...).

My expectation is that many of you have never used Webex before, so
I'll be in the virtual meeting room about 10 minutes before the
presentation starts to give a brief overview of the Webex features
you're most likely to find useful, e.g., how to raise your virtual
hand, how to send text messages during the talk, how to modify the
Webex screen layout, etc. (Unbelievably, Webex has no canned video
explaining this stuff.)

My understanding is that there is no limit to the number of people who
can attend this webinar, but only the first 125 people to call in to
the meeting will be able to speak. Anybody beyond that will be able
to hear, but not speak, though everybody in the meeting will always be
able to use text messages to submit comments and questions during the
presentation. Calling in to the phone bridge (audio portion of the
webinar) should be toll-free from a variety of countries; a link to
country-specific situations will be included in the email you get
after you register.

I look forward to having you in the webinar on January 4. Please
remember to show up about 10 minutes early if you want to have me
explain the basics of the Webex client interface.

If you have any problems or questions about signing up for the
webinar, let me know: smeyers@....



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