Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Podcast interviews available

In March, Addison-Wesley asked Ted Neward to interview me about the forthcoming
electronic versions of my books as well as about my thoughts on C++0x, and that
interview has now been chopped into four pieces and scheduled for publication in
both audio and video podcast form. The first two parts (covering my thoughts on
electronic publication) are now available:

Audio form:
Video form:

You should be aware that the audio form is simply the audio track of the video
form. Unfortunately, the video form shows the interview topic and names of the
participants only through video, so if you listen to the audio only, it'll be
easiest to understand if you note the topic and names (Ted Neward and me) in

The remaining two parts of the interview will be published on June 17 and 24,
and there are RSS feeds at the site so you can arrange for automatic
notification, if you like.

Incidentally, the PDF versions of my books are currently undergoing final QA,
and I'm hoping they'll become available later this month. That's a couple of
months later than we'd originally planned, but we've been addressing more
"issues" than we anticipated during their preparation, most arising from
"undocumented features" in several tools we've been using. We've also had to
wrangle with the usual impossible things taking place -- you know, the stuff
that just seems to happen when doing anything software-intensive the first time

I hope you enjoy the podcasts.


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