Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Training Materials Developments

My training materials on making effective use of C++ in embedded systems are now available. Like my materials on C++0x, they cover material not in my books, come DRM-free, and include free updates for life. I encourage you to check out the sample excerpt.

Less than a day after I announced the availability of my C++0x materials, people started asking about how they could get a license for everybody on a team or everybody in a department, etc. Our solution is a very generous volume discount schedule. Starting with the 10th copy, you get 30% off, and by the time you order 50 copies, you're getting 50% off.

I hope you find the materials on using C++ in embedded systems useful, and I hope you find that the volume discount schedule makes group purchases economical.


* C++ and Beyond: Meyers, Sutter, & Alexandrescu, Oct. 24-27 near Seattle.
* License Scott's training materials for commercial or personal use.

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