Monday, March 21, 2011

Talks in Stuttgart in October

For the dozenth year in a row, I'll be collaborating with QA Systems on a series of one- and two-day technical seminars in Germany in the fall.  (Okay, the first year the seminars were in Switzerland, and, yes, I am aware that Switzerland is not part of Germany.)  This year's talks are:
If the title of the second seminar looks a little funny, that's probably because you're expecting it to be in English.  It's not.  Like the entire seminar, it's in German.  I'll post details about that in a separate posting that will follow this one, although I'll note here that I didn't choose the rather Denglish title above.  The title I use is "Effektives C++ im eingebetteten Bereich."

The seminars with QA Systems are always a lot of fun, with very sharp attendees asking really interesting questions.  I hope to see you at one or more of the talks I'll be giving in Stuttgart in October.



Anonymous said...

Scott, just to be clear, the other seminars are in English, correct (for example, Fastware for C++)?

Scott Meyers said...

Yes, the other three talks are in English. If you visit the pages for each of the talks, the language is specified, albeit in German ("Sprache") :-) Also, the course descriptions for the courses in English are in English, while the course description for the course in German is in German.