Saturday, April 2, 2011

Appearing/Disappearing consts Article now at C++Next

Shortly after I posted about DDJ publishing and then "unpublishing" my article on appearing and disappearing consts, Eric Niebler suggested I publish it at C++Next. I was pleased to get the offer.  C++Next is emerging as a premier site for C++-related articles, and, unlike some other publishers I could mention, it doesn't demand exclusive worldwide rights to the content it publishes, nor does it insist on "the right in [its] sole and exclusive discretion to edit, rewrite, condense, abridge, or otherwise change" what I wrote. (In fairness, that last part was followed by "taking care, of course, not to change your meaning," but my experience is that the most appropriate person to retain sole and exclusive discretion over what I mean is me.)

Eric volunteered to do the hard work of taking my article and preparing it for publication at C++Next, and then, in a stunning departure from some other publishers I could mention, he worked with me as I tweaked things here and there for final publication.  The result is the best version of the article that exists, both in terms of content and presentation.

I'm grateful to Eric and also to Dave Abrahams, both of whom were instrumental in helping me publish this article in its current form.  In an era when anybody can publish anything with a few mouse clicks, it's a pleasure to work with people who remain dedicated to the hard and detailed work of making content available that's useful to readers and satisfying for authors. Even more than usual, any shortcomings that remain in the article are my fault, because Eric and Dave bent over backwards to accommodate my requests.


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