Monday, May 2, 2011

Updated C++0x Training Materials Published

In April of last year, I announced the publication of my training materials on C++0x.  In trying to win your interest, I wrote:
In some ways, they're better than a book. They make more extensive use of color, they "cut out the fat" to focus on the technical essentials, and my licensing terms grant buyers unlimited updates for life: as long as I update the materials, buyers are entitled to a revised version for free.
I published updates last May and August, but I decided to hold off on publishing additional revisions until C++0x had settled down.  With ratification of the FDIS in March, that settling has occurred, so I've updated my training materials to correspond to the essentially-final draft standard.  The revised version of my materials also includes all the modifications I've made based on my experience using them for professional training purposes, so the latest incarnation should be both the most accurate ever as well as the clearest and most useful.

If you've purchased a copy of the materials, you should already have received notification from Artima Press on how to download the latest PDF. If you haven't purchased a copy, but you've been thinking you'd like to learn more about C++0x, maybe this is the time to give my materials a try.  You can download the first ~25 pages as a free sample at the materials' sales page.

I hope you find these revised materials on C++0x useful.


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