Saturday, August 25, 2012

C++ & Beyond Interview with me, Herb, and Andrei

At the end of the second day of C++ and Beyond, Charles Torre of Channel 9 corralled me, Herb Sutter, and Andrei Alexandrescu and pelted us with questions, some from him, others from Channel 9 viewers.  The interview is now online, the first of several videos associated with this year's C&B that will be rolled out on an ongoing basis.




Gregory said...

I am looking for a good book or website dealing with several practice exercises, together with explanations, for predicting C++ program outputs.

Most stuff I have found so far on the internet (for example is very basic and beginner orientated. I would be grateful for any leads concerning websites or published books dealing with more advanced C++ program output prediction exercises at the intermediate to advanced level.

Scott Meyers said...

I think a good place to start would be Herb Sutter's Guru of the Week quizzes, which he's currently updating for C++11.


PS - Sorry about the delayed response. I've been suffering connectivity issues recently.