Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Video for "Adventures in Perfect Forwarding" Now Available

On Saturday, June 2, Facebook sponsored a one-day C++ conference and asked me (and others) to give a presentation.  I chose an abridged and updated version of a talk from C++ and Beyond 2011, "Adventures in Perfect Forwarding."  Judging by the dates on the comments below the video, it's been available since July, but I found out about it being online only today. (Apparently I don't have enough friends.)

The video is broken into two parts, each about 30 minutes long:
Due to technical difficulties at Facebook during the talk, some audio is missing and other audio is out of sync with the video.  My understanding is that these issues can't be addressed, so we have to live with the limitations of the recording.

Facebook does not appear to have made the presentation materials available, but you can grab them here (PDF).

I hope you enjoy this talk.



Unknown said...

LLast 10 mins or so of part1 have sound issues, and by sound issues I mean there is no speech just a noise.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the part1 video gets corrupted after 00:24:38