Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New ESDS Book: Effective JavaScript

I'm very pleased to announce that the ninth book in my Effective Software Development Series has recently been published, David Herman's Effective JavaScript. In my comments to David on a pre-publication manuscript, I wrote:
These chapters are a very pleasant read.  The text flows well, and the explanations are such that I generally had no trouble understanding them, even though I don't know JavaScript.   I think this will be a very nice book.
Others who do know JavaScript seem to agree that it's turned out that way.  Reginald Braithwaite recently posted a quite positive review, and the review at Utah JS starts out this way: "Effective JavaScript by David Herman is the best JavaScript book I’ve ever read." Currently, there are six reviews at Amazon, and all award perfect fives.

If you're a JavaScript programmer, I encourage you to check out Effective JavaScript.


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