Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Another New Video

When I recently posted about five new videos, I didn't realize that Yandex had published my 11 June presentation at the Moscow C++ Party. There I gave a talk, "Why C++ Sails When the Vasa Sank," which is almost a bookend for the talk I gave at the D Conference last month.
"Why C++ Sails..." is my attempt to explain why C++, despite its size and complexity, continues to be a successful and important programming language.

My comments at the beginning of the video probably make more sense if you know that I had just been introduced in Russian, which is a language I don't know.

I think the double-wide format Yandex published that shows the speaker on one side of the video and the slides on the other works really well. That's overlooking, of course, that the speaker in this case is me. Yeesh. Talk about a need for a makeover...

I realize that other outlets (e.g., the blog) have already reported the existence of this video, and it's got at least two independent threads at reddit (here and here), but I wanted to hold off announcing it until it had been added to my web site's Online Videos and Past Talks pages, including links to downloadable video and presentation materials. Things have been a bit backed up here, hence the delay.



Dan said...

Great talk, thanks for sharing it and the slides.

FWIW, I also really liked the "double wide" video format, I think it works really well.

Unknown said...

Hi! Sorry for publishing this here, but I promised you to send this photo. Unfortunately I have no other way to keep my word.

Thanks for the great talk!

Scott Meyers said...

@Антон Тюрин: Spasiba!