Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Effective Modern C++ in Italian!

Today I received my copy of the Italian translation of Effective Modern C++. It proudly joins the German translation on my bookshelf and, I hope, soon the translations into several other languages.

Like the German translation, the Italian edition uses only one ink color (black), so I believe that if you're comfortable with technical English, you're probably better off with the English (American) edition. However, if you prefer your C++ in Italian (including the comments--they translated those, too!), it's nice to know that you now have that option.



Irfan said...

Hello Scott,

Considering that I have yet to feel the need to stop reading your blog posts — the catastrophic events that cause such departures must have a name — I would like to know that would it be alright with you if I started addressing you using “Sire” instead of using your first name. Owing to various factors — your status as an accepted authority on the subject matter, significantly greater overall experience as a software professional, and of course age difference, I certainly did not write that to make you feel older — I find addressing you using your first name somewhat disrespectful. I would appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

When it comes to the translated versions, unlike the German version, the Italian version at least has a full colored title page. However, as the author does not get a fair deal when it comes to translated versions, as you had mentioned in one of your recent posts, so I hope that your readers would continue to buy the English version of the book. Nevertheless, if having a translated version on the shelf makes you happy, then congratulations.


Scott Meyers said...

If you don't want to call me Scott, you can address me as Mr. Meyers or Dr. Meyers, but Scott is really my preference. "Sire" would be inappropriate.

Irfan said...

Hello Scott,

The reason for soliciting your feedback on what you would consider an appropriate manner to address a person of your standing in the field stemmed from the established social norms of the subcontinent instead of personal preferences, desire, or want. In the subcontinent at least, when talking to a scholar, especially a scholar in whose case you harbor no resentment or ill will, who belongs to a field that enjoys some repute and recognition, the disciple, as a matter of accepted norm, has to address the academic or the intellectual in a manner that aligns well with that individual’s status; lawyers, no matter how educated, certainly do not enjoy any reputation over here.

Considering that instead of feeling bothered — instead of wondering, even if only occasionally, that what has happened to the society, and what happened to the good old days when people actually addressed the respect worthy using appropriate language — you prefer that people address you using your first name, so that probably, or certainly, puts to rest the need to start a debate. Nevertheless, I would like to thank you for providing your feedback.


Anonymous said...

Irfan, I did not get what are you talking about... Relax.

Unknown said...

HI, Scott I have bought your last book translated in Italian.

I am studying very hardly C, C++, C#, Java because i Think that a good programmer have to know all about similar languages.

I think is very good and i have found some new things to develope and study.

Sincerly I have not understtod everything , but I take it as a benchmark, the day i will understand all of this book i will be a good C++ programmer.


Enrico Saccheggiani