Friday, December 4, 2015

Effective Modern C++ in Russian!

I haven't yet received a copy, but I have received word that there's now a Russian translation of Effective Modern C++. For details, please consult this page.

C++ in Cyrillic! What could be finer?



Виктор Штонда said...

Scott, thank you for your excellent book for Russian readers. Translation of the book into Russian - perfect!

I wish you success )))

Viktor Shtonda, CEO Publishing Group «Dialektika-Williams»
the publisher of book «Эффективный и современный С++» in Russian

h4tr3d said...

Good info! Thanks a lot for a good book ;-)

Yuri Khan said...

The title says “Effective and modern C++”. I distrust the translation already.

Unknown said...

Effective AND modern C++


Motti said...

S++? that doesn't make any sense.

Unknown said...

Thank for one more great book!

Артем said...

Thank you, Scott, for this great book (and other Effective C++ books)!
Thank you, Viktor, for giving people, which don't know English but know Russian, the opportunity to get acquainted with this masterpiece.

Open Learning said...
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