Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Effective Modern C++ in Portuguese!

The latest addition to the Effective Modern C++ family goes by C++ Moderno e Eficaz and targets readers of Portuguese. My understanding is that the book's been out for a few months, but my copy arrived only a few days ago.

Like most foreign translations of EMC++, this one uses just one ink color, so if you're comfortable with technical English, I recommend the four-color English (American) edition. However, if Portuguese descriptions of C++11 and C++14 features is your preferred cup of tea, this is the brew for you!



Irfan said...

Hello Sire,

I am still awaiting your official word on how the “Grand Give Away” went. If a writeup on the matter would not put too huge a strain on your schedule, then do inform the mortals awaiting the outcome.


Scott Meyers said...

A blog entry on the results of the foreign edition book giveaway is on my todo list. This week, I hope.

Irfan said...

Thanks for the response; awaiting the arrival of the post.